Instruments (‘Backline’)

*NOTE: ALL backline is subject to advance prior to your recording date to guarantee availability


Mapex Saturn drum kit (10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 22″)

vintage Slingerland Blue Sparkle drum kit (12″, 14″, 16″, 20″)

Fender ‘blackface” Twin amplifier

Fender Deluxe Amp (2)

1970’s Fender Showman (head)

Yamaha/Soldano T100C tube guitar amplifier

Marshall british mod 4×10 cabinet

Eden World Tour 800 Bass Amp

Hartke Model 2000 Bass Amp

SWR Goliath III Bass Cabinet

Hammond BV organ with B3 mods (percussion, vibrato/chorus, drawbars)

Leslie 122

Nord Electro 4D 63 key keyboard

Fender Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano with “Silver Sparkle” preamp mod

Wurlitzer 200A electronic piano (subject to special availability)

Hohner Pianet ‘T’

Moog Voyager Synthesizer (subject to special availability)

DSI Prophet ’08 poly synth

Roland JP8000 Synthesizer

Kurzweil K2500 Rack synthesizer with 4 gig scsi sample drive (pianos, vintage synths, organs, drums, etc.,.)